Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yardley Soap

Don't know why I am thinking of soap today, but...when I think of something refreshing, I think of Yardley soap. It has a nice fragrance and leaves your skin feeling smooth. Does anybody know what I'm talking about?

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  1. Or a smell that will make you smile and/or trigger a memory from your childhood! Good soap makes for a nice start to my day:)

  2. Have a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year! I love Yardley soaps!

  3. Yes - it does trigger moments in time :) - You too, Jean. You guys have a Happy New Year!!

  4. Brie, Yardleys is in my House. Infact My Dad used it, I remember his smell. Did you try the Rose soap, wonderful.
    I have to say the code thing is awful, I don't have time to send it three and four times. Have you lost comments?

  5. Hey Brie, hope all is going well. I have had nothing but computer problems.
    Can't fine the yardley Rose soap in Maine
    hope to hear from you..

    1. Would love to try the Rose...I have tried the lavender and the oatmeal. I haven't seen the rose yet, but as soon as I do...

      How are things going in Maine?